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Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 19:11:55 -0500

Hi Joan,
It was wonderful to meet you last month! Thanks so much for reading my cards. I wanted to make sure you saw the story. Here it is, and I hope you like it.
All the best,

Michelle Leon
   freelance writer



“I’ve known Joan for 20 years. She is the best! All of my friends call her from California for readings. Joan zones in on exactly what you’re asking about and also any other things that she sees. She is very reputable and honest, and always willing to help you out in a jam. She will never steer you wrong!”

                                                                                                -Dr. Anne Benassi

                                                                                                Southern California


“I have gone to other readers, but it seemed like they were fishing for information. From the first time her reading saw so much of what was going on around me. I was amazed, and her intuition in business matters was unbelievable! She is truly a master in the art of psychic reading.”

                                                                                                -Katie R.

                                                                                                Hugo, Minnesota


“My experiences have been fantastic with Joan. She is laid back and sincere and accurate. I send all my friends to her and they go back frequently, she has always been right on! She is a real person with definite talent and insight who will tell it like it is. I will go nowhere else. It is unbelievable how accurate she is! Whether in person or over the phone, she is worth every dime and more so.”

                                                                                                -Renee N.

                                                                                                White Bear Lake, Minnesota



In loving memory of Valoris, My teacher and Mother

Thank You!

ARTICLE from the Hugonian 




she doesn’t ride a broom



by Corrine Linsley

A few years back The Hugonian, a newspaper serving Centerville and Hugo, featured a column titled “Jacqueline” that was framed inside several playing cards. It was sort of a “Dear Abby,” with readers asking such questions as, “What is my financial future?” and “Will I ever get married again?” With two columns of questions and answers, it must have been a popular feature. Who wouldn’t like to know what good or exciting things loom right around the corner?

   For 17 years, the psychic Joan Jacqueline had her business in Isaacs Staples Saw Mills on Main Street in downtown Stillwater, and I assumed that was where she was still. Wrong. She’d moved one block south of I-694 on Hwy. 120, which isn’t technically White Bear, and certainly is not Stillwater. But she has a slew of regulars from all over, many from Stillwater, so I decided to interview her anyway. After all, what could be more intriguing than a psychic, particularly one who claims to be 98% accurate?

   To attest to her popularity (she’s a “master psychic” with 42 years’ experience), in the approximate hour I was with her she received four appointments, plus had someone drop in to set a date.

   “Seventy-five percent of my business is from repeat customers, many from big business in Stillwater, professional people -- people from all over the U.S.,” she said. “I have other psychics who come to me. I don’t even have to advertise.”

   She also sells crystal jewelry, and for that, was written up in Corporate Report Minnesota several years ago.

   Always interested in gypsies and having read everything about them I could put my hands on -- even to visiting a gypsy camp outside Hugo years ago to meet some (much to the consternation of a companion) -- I had to ask her a question, noting her black hair and dark eyes: “Do you have gypsy blood in your background?”

   “No,” she answered, “I’m French and French/Canadian. I’m not a fortune-teller, and I don’t ride around on a broom. My mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were all psychics and read professionally. I use a simple deck of cards, the original means of reading before palmistry. Nobody knows how far back it goes. The cards are only a tool.”

Is she accurate?

   “I know I am,” she says. “I don’t diagnose. It’s just there. I can’t explain it. It comes in so fast; I can hardly get it out of my mouth. I’ve read for doctors and sheriffs and done high-stakes cases such as murdered children for the police, by request. No psychics ever solve a case though, but they can lead to more information.”

   Joan told me that being a psychic has always been an everyday part of her life. But it became a business in around 1989, when she became a sales rep for Lady Remington and Sara Coventry products.

   “By telling customers if they purchased $30 worth of jewelry I’d do a reading for them, I made a tremendous amount of money,” she said.

   She told me that every Thursday night for 15 years, she read at Jethro’s Restaurant, and she was full every night. And when Arcola Mills celebrated its opening, “I read from 6 to 9 p.m., but was actually there until 1 a.m., and still didn’t get everybody.”

   She gave me a quickie reading, too (a fun gift certificate, perhaps?).

   One woman who called for an appointment briefly visited with Joan before setting her appointment. Catching some of the conversation, I butted in and asked to speak with her.

   The following were her comments: “she’s really right on. I’ve been going to Joan for 14 years. She told me I was pregnant, and I was. The first time I was a little nervous, but now I come for direction in life. I’m bringing my sister this time. I’m always amazed by her. She helps me alter negative feelings and intervene in situations early. It’s always hopeful.”

   Joan said people ask all kinds of questions -- “everything from soup to beans.” Her calendar looked chock full, and she says she tries not to do more than six readings a day. Those for whom she reads are given a tape recording of the session to take home for documentation.

   “I don’t do psychic fairs or new age stuff, or associate with other psychics,” she continued. “There are misconceptions out there. Psychics aren’t mind readers, nor do they fish for information. People think they aren’t Christians or spiritual, that they’re from the dark side. But the word ‘psychic,’ in Greek, means ‘breath of God.’ I’ve no doubt in my mind about what I do.”

Corinne Livesay is the author of “Where the Asphalt Ends: Sketches from a Door County Childhood.” She can be reached at